RoundSound Studio is the biggest recording studio with living quarters - so you can basically live at the studio while writing and recording your next album. The studio has comfortable living area for six people complete with shower, washing machine, fridge, microwave, TV, Wifi and even a PS2 - all located just five minutes walk from Tallinn Old Town in the thriving hipster village of Telliskivi Creative City where you can refuel yourself with wide selection of artisan and traditional foods and beverages.

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all to get that new material done and done right. We offer that getaway along with world class recording facilities favored by Estonian top Jazz, Classical and Rock artists. Get in touch and book your band a recording session that doubles as a vacation at a studio where you don't have to leave until the album is finished!

 Every artist is unique as is every song, so it is hard to put a price on a project that will apply to everyone, but we have made a rough list of prices that give you an idea of our price range.

Pricelist: (in Euros)

1 hour - 35.- (first hour. Every next hour is 27.-)
1 day (8 hours) - 220.-
1 song (recording drums, Guitar, Bass, vocals+mix and master) = two days - 390.-*
1 album (up to 10 songs > recording + mix and master) 14 days - 2900.- 
1 night in the studio, up to 7 people - 65.- 

Mixing and Mastering - 150.- per song
Mastering - 30.- per song

 *if your band manages to record a song in one day (8 hours), we can take the price down to 290.- 

We also do test mixes and test masters so contact us in this regard via

Arrangements, pre-production and production, recording, mixing, mastering, session musicians, layout and design, T-shirts, CDs, mp3´s, vinyls, merchandise, transportation, contacts, experience, knowledge, vision and sound; We have it all for You. Let us make Your Sound at Round Sound!